What you'll gain

Discover who you truly are

  • Awareness of negative self talk so you can change this pattern

  • Freedom from self limitations

  • Truthful, positive "I am" statements

  • Experience your divine essence

Course curriculum

You'll get one introduction video, two guided journaling sessions, one kundalini yoga and meditation video, one audio guided imagery, and one kundalini meditation video

    1. Introduction to Experience True Self Course

    2. Kundalini Yoga Description

    3. Kundalini Yoga Tune in Description

    4. Therapeutic Guided Imagery Info

    5. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Info

    6. Guided Journaling Info

    7. Breath Work Info

    1. Session 1: Guided Journaling

    2. Session 1: Kundalini Yoga - Essence of Self Kriya and Seven Wave Sat Nam Meditation

    1. Session 2: Guided Imagery

    2. Session 2: Journaling

    1. Session 3: Kundalini "I am" Meditation

    2. Session 3: Journaling

About this course

  • $90.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Discover your divine essence, start today


“It's no coincidence that I completed Stephanie Andersens "Experience True Self Course" during a very busy and difficult time. The class brought me clarity, focus and peace when I needed it most. I am grateful for the many different ways the class teaches you to push aside negative thoughts about yourself and believe your truth. There isn't a better way to slow down and take time for yourself than this course.”