This course is for you if:

  • Struggle falling asleep

    Do you toss and turn in bed for what feels like forever before you fall asleep?

  • Wake up through the night

    Do you wake up throughout the night and have a hard time going back to sleep? Do you lay in bed hoping to go back to sleep, tossing, turning, reading, journaling or maybe you get up and get work done?

  • Mind racing

    Does your mind race, spin or go through your to do list as you fall asleep? Do you have a hard time quieting the mind?

Course curriculum

You'll get one introduction video, one 40 day meditation video, two kundalini yoga and meditation sessions with the gong, one guided imagery, one guided meditation and 4 different tools to use in your bedtime routine.

    1. Introduction

About this course

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  • Access to course for 4 months

Experience peaceful sleep